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Why Sealing Your Exterior Surfaces Matters

Sealing exterior surfaces

When it comes to professional pressure washing, many companies also offer sealing services as part of their selection. Sealing your exterior surfaces comes with a wide range of benefits—to make a long story short, your surfaces will last much longer if they're regularly treated with a fresh coat of protective sealant. The recommended timeframe for sealing and resealing a surface will vary by the type of material, but when you work with a trusted expert, you'll get optimal results.

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What The Sealing Process Involves

Whether you're hiring a professional to seal or reseal your brick and stone pavers or your concrete, the process is the same. First, the area is thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any dirt, grime, and organic growth. Any remaining sealant is then removed, and the surface is treated with a solution that opens it up. Sealant is then applied in one to two coats, and once it's dried, your surface is ready to go!

How Sealing Protects Your Exterior Surfaces

At a glance, here's exactly how sealant benefits the exterior surfaces of your home or commercial property:

  • If the surface in question has just received professional pressure washing, a layer of sealant locks in the fresh wash to help it stay cleaner for longer.
  • Sealant wicks away moisture to prevent too much water from seeping into the surface and causing premature erosion or damage.
  • In the case of professional paver sealing, sealant can actually enhance the overall look of your brick or stone pavers.
  • Sealant also protects against dirt, grime, and organic growth buildup on your surfaces, helping make any outdoor pathways safer for navigation.
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